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Building spaces,

you want to live in.

Chicago, Illinois

Who we are?

G7 Investment is a company that specializes in the design and development of projects across the Midwest. We create spaces designed with innovative techniques while using high quality materials, implemented with insight and detail. 


Our commitment to design is characterized by the unique artistry that is seen throughout each project we take on. 


Further, our calculated approach to project development serves as the backbone for how each project will get done from start to finish. This allows for more creative flexibility from project to project because every detail is accounted from the beginning. 


G7 Investment seeks to create lasting foundations marked by intentional design to give our communities spaces they want to live in.


G7 Investment seeks to become the standard in architectural design and project development through its calculated approach and commitment to excellence.


Consistency. Transparency. Reliability. Innovation. G7 Investment seeks to provide consistency in its process, reputability in its development, and artistry in its design.

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Services we provide

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We take existing spaces and transform them using our innovative techniques and intentional design to reimagine their purpose for you.

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We create spaces designed with innovative technique while using high quality materials that are implemented with detail and intention.

Property management & rental

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 We manage and rent the spaces we create and provide the very best service while upholding accessibility and transparency.


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